Starting a company, need your help!

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I am excited to announce my first startup, Meograph.  We are a four-dimensional storytelling platform that helps easily create, share, and beautifully playback stories in context of space and time.   Demo coming soon: in the meantime, please visit our landing page to get the first updates, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

We also need your help on several fronts …

Accelerator: Y Combinator is a prestigious startup accelerator to which we are applying.  If you know any of the key decision-makers or former participants, an endorsement by the end of March would be wonderful.  You can also help by tweeting “I hope @meograph gets into @ycombinator! #4Dstorytelling”.

Team: We will need more teammates soon.  We would love introductions to any talented web designers or developers who are passionate about storytelling & visualization, find this job description interesting, are in the Bay Area (or willing to move), and will be available by summer.

Customers: We are investigating several applications of our product.  Right now we are looking to meet folks who match the following descriptions to build relationships with as advisors and perhaps customers.

  • Enterprise: Influential in selecting corporate presentation multimedia or developing interactive media for customers
  • Education: Involved in technology platform or content generation for electronic textbooks
  • Journalism: Responsible for newspaper/magazine/other news online business models or interactive media
  • Consumer: Distinguished as thought leaders in multimedia storytelling

Investors: We may be looking to raise money from institutional angels later this year, and perhaps more from VCs as we grow in the future.  Any warm introductions to friends in this world would be great, as we are looking to build trusting relationships well in advance of when we might actually need capital.

I am extremely excited for this journey.  While the prospects of near-term success are uncertain, my appreciation of the value of your support is always clear.  Thank you for your help and encouragement along what’s sure to be a wild ride.

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