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Hola from Buenos Aires!

I’ve set this blog up as a convenient way to keep in touch and share my adventures in South America with friends and family. You can expect to hear about living and learning in and around Argentina, will find fun stories about me getting into silly situations, and might see a neat photo or two. You won’t be subjected to rants, emoticons, flames, or webcasts from my showercam.

Leaving Boston after 2.5 years was certaintly sad, particularly with regard to the folks I left behind, but my last few weeks there and farewell party made the parting very joyful. Thank you to all of my friends in Boston for an amazing period of my life.

Last Gasp of Boston
Bye Bye Boston Battingcage Beer Bash

On my way to Buenos Aires, I spent a phenomenal week each in NY and DC.  Catching up with old friends in both towns and witnessing the inauguration of President Obama were lifetime memories. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

Big Bad Apple
Inauguration Jubilation in Obama Nation

I arrived safely in Buenos Aires 5 days ago and am already struck with the life, tempo, and fun of the city and its porteƱo inhabitants (and expats!). I’ll be sure to post again about the first few weeks of settling in before I take off in February to live it up at Carnival in Brazil.


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