2013: Building, building, building

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2013 was my first full year as an entrepreneur, and first since 2004 that I had not ventured abroad.  There is a time for exploring and a time for building, and I’m now firmly in the latter.  Here’s what happened in my life this year, and I hope you’ll share the same.
The main focus this year was my company Meograph.  Of course a year wouldn’t be complete without a proper recap, so here is my 2013: meograph.com/mishaley/87870/2013-building-building-building.  We have continued our vision of democratizing interactive multimedia creation, and now have what could be a big a business to go with it.  Meograph powers brands engaging their customers in multimedia mixing and storytelling, on the brands’ own sites.  Still early days but we are already working with brands like NBAPBSTBS, and spent the summer as part of Turner’s Media Camp.  Really enjoying building this business with Francis, Clay, and the rest of Team Meograph.
Beyond work, my time is a fun mix of family, friends, exercise, and some domestic business travel.  And for the end of the year I grew a very unflattering mustache, and still have it as of this writing just for fun: sorry in advance if you ever have to see it in person.
Best wishes for an happy and healthy year ahead!
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