2012: Start Me Up

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2012 wasn’t the end of the world, and it was the start of a wonderful new chapter for me.  Here’s what happened this year. The biggest thing this year was leaving my job at McKinsey to found my interactive storytelling startup Meograph. In February I moved to San Francisco, the epicenter of entrepreneurship.  It’s been great […]

Starting a company, need your help!

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I am excited to announce my first startup, Meograph.  We are a four-dimensional storytelling platform that helps easily create, share, and beautifully playback stories in context of space and time.   Demo coming soon: in the meantime, please visit our landing page to get the first updates, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. We also need your help on several […]

2011: Year of the Energizer Rabbit

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2011 was the most nomadic year of my life, a seamless mix of interesting projects with amazing colleagues at McKinsey & Company and weekend adventures around the globe.  I was based in Shanghai for most of the year as part of a professional rotation, worked on projects in China, Mongolia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Georgia (the […]

Meditation blue jeans: Part III

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(“Meditation blue jeans: Part I”, describes my path to the 10-day Vipassana silent meditation course.  “Meditation blue jeans: Part II”, is about the experience of taking the course.  Part III concludes below.) The silence was peaceful.  The mild hunger was cleansing.  The free time under a tree was relaxing.  Except when dragonflies would start to […]