2012: Start Me Up

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2012 wasn’t the end of the world, and it was the start of a wonderful new chapter for me.  Here’s what happened this year.

The biggest thing this year was leaving my job at McKinsey to found my interactive storytelling startup Meograph. In February I moved to San Francisco, the epicenter of entrepreneurship.  It’s been great here, living in Potrero Hill and driving my scooter all around town.  I spend most of my time working, but have found occasion to travel to the east coast, New Orleans, Austin, and home to SoCal.

The startup is doing well: in the few months since launch we’ve gained tens of thousands of Meographers, lots of press, and have seen adoption by major news orgs, classrooms around the world, and many other great use cases.  My cofounder Francis and I have big plans for the company in 2013.  Naturally, as a tireless promoter, I’ll also invite you to participate in our “Meograph your 2012” contest :)

Best wishes for an happy and healthy year ahead!

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