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By mid-May, the itch to travel again was back. While living in Buenos Aires and establishing a normal routine has been fantastic, it was time to upend it all and embark on my most ambitious journey of this adventure to date. To begin to familiarize myself with the countries I would soon be exploring, comprising […]

U R guaynna love Uruguay

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Shacking Up in Uruguay View Larger Map Sometimes it is fun to explore other countries in the region. Sometimes it is nice to celebrate one’s birthday without a big bash. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether an idea is terrible or great or both. For all these sometimes, there was no better time than […]

Carnival in Brasil 2009: Powered by açaí

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Carnival 2009 Hodgepodge View Larger Map Carnival in Brazil is reputed to be one of the most intense celebrations the world has to offer, the natural result of a fun-loving people taking seriously the mission to get out all their sins before Lent. Knowing that a foray into the madness would distract from my studies […]

Two weeks in, still no mullet

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Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires! View Larger Map There is always a thrill, a nervous energy, a sense of adventure about moving to a new place. Particularly in a foreign country. Particularly when you don’t yet speak the language. This is why I moved to Argentina: to learn new skills, make new friends, and push beyond […]

Here we go

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Hola from Buenos Aires! I’ve set this blog up as a convenient way to keep in touch and share my adventures in South America with friends and family. You can expect to hear about living and learning in and around Argentina, will find fun stories about me getting into silly situations, and might see a […]